Turkey and Spinach Lasagna with Feta Cheese {and a cookbook giveaway!}


We get pretty excited around here when we see new cookbooks from bloggers we’ve followed for years. And Jessica Fisher doesn’t have just one blog, she has two: Life as Mom, and Good Cheap Eats. If you’re a parent (yep) and trying to find some balance (always) and feed your family well (without going broke), then you’re in luck…. 

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Live and Kickin’ Hot Sauce

Live and Kickin' Hot Sauce

To call Leda Scheintaub‘s new cookbook—Cultured Foods for Your Kitchen—inspiring is something of an understatement. I only opened it a week or so ago and already have a batch of kombucha brewing, a jar of buttermilk good to go, yogurt in a low oven, and some Live and Kickin’ Hot Sauce happening. Who knew I… 

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Strawberry and Raspberry Tart with Mint

Strawberry Raspberry Tart

I love to bake, mostly because I love to eat the results, but also because it reminds me of baking with my grandmother (widely regarded as an amazing baker) and my mom (who was vaguely overlooked in this department but stealthily quite great). My own (amateur) baking career has been fairly successful, though I’ve scared… 

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