Lasagna Verde {and a Cookbook Giveaway!}

Lasagna Verde

If ever there was someone who could be enlightened by a vegan cookbook, it would be me. At the risk of being ridiculed (I’m bracing for it now), I’ll admit that I hardly knew what vegan meant until a few years months ago. It’s eating no meat—no, wait, that’s vegetarian—um..plants? Or beans and plants? Or…?… 

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Garlic Cheese Biscuits


I grew up in a Poppin’ Fresh family. My mother was not a baker, and had no desire to be one. On those occasions when biscuits came into play, she bought a roll of Pillsbury dough and asked one of us kids to give it that dough-bursting whack on the countertop. She did make plenty of other comfort… 

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Baked Eggs with Lemon, Cream, and Poppy Seeds {and a Cookbook Giveaway!}

Baked Eggs with Lemon

We have a sneaking suspicion that lemons are about to be the new superfood (if that happens, you read it here first). It’s not that we don’t love our kale and quinoa, we just need a little more variety. Aside from the fact that lemons have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties as well as antibiotic effects, they’re also… 

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